36 Businesses in 36 Months: Stacy Gray's Scaling Secrets

Real Estate Investing with the REI Mastermind Network

May 30 2024 • 35 mins

Join us as Stacy Gray unveils her secrets to scaling 36 businesses in 36 months! Stacy shares invaluable insights on transforming real estate investing from a side hustle into a full-fledged business. Learn how to overcome common scaling challenges, develop effective systems, and make the crucial mindset shifts needed for success.

**In this episode, you’ll discover:**

- Real estate investing strategies for scaling

- Insights from managing 36 businesses in 36 months

- How to transition from deal junkie to business owner

- Common pitfalls in scaling real estate investments

- Practical tools and techniques to document your processes

- The importance of mindset in business growth

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Discover more at [Organize to Scale](http://organizetoscale.com). Get free resources by emailing Stacy at scale@organizetoscale.com.


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**Real Estate Keywords:**

Real estate investing, Section 8, multifamily assets, real estate investor, investment portfolio, REI Mastermind Network, real estate investment strategy, generational wealth.

**Motivational Quote:**

"Clarity of vision and an actionable plan are the bedrocks of confidence and success in real estate investing."

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0:00 - Intro

1:00 - Common Struggles When Scaling a Real Estate Investing Business

3:30 - Mindset Shift: Treating Your Business Like a Business

7:51 - Making Your First Hire: Seeing It as an Investment

10:46 - Using Personality Tests to Understand Yourself Better

13:17 - Biggest Mistakes Businesses Make When Scaling

17:56 - Tools and Strategies to Incorporate Early On

20:15 - Success Stories from Stacy's Program

21:34 - Knowing When to Engage a Group Like Stacy's

23:26 - How to Let Go as a Business Owner

27:00 - What Should We Have Talked About

29:43 - What Lie Do You Tell Yourself

30:40 - Book Recommendations for Business Scaling

33:09 - Advice to Younger Self

33:20 - Biggest Time-Saving Strategy Implemented

34:40 - Learn More About Stacy and Organize to Scale


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