How Servant Leadership Can Produce Massive Success with Krish Dhanam

Lead Sell Grow - The Human Experience

Sep 28 2021 • 53 mins

Krish Dhanam is just a blast with his storytelling, sense of humor, respect for life in America and the flag, giving spirit and positive nature.

“You need to join the Smile Compliment and Handshake Club, make sure your trousers are always pressed, your shirt is always crisp and your shoes are always shined.” These words were from the mouth to Zig Ziglar to Krish. You need to hear this in the 12 minute mark.

Krish shares the statement from The American Dream from an Indian Heart “We’re not poor. We’re too cheap to afford the once available commodity of dignity.”

We hear heartfelt stories about Zig who lost his short term memory later in life but still remained positive and cheerful. Zig lived the experiences. He didn’t ask people to do things that he didn’t do himself.

The story of carrying Zig’s water pump through an airport with principles of following the rules will make you smile (If you don’t know Zig’s storytelling, here it is

One story after another and a lot of humor about life and sales is in this podcast. Enjoy!

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