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A baseball podcast that swings for the fences & isn’t afraid to put one in your hip.
I almost cut my finger off, Albert Belle player profile, MLB combine ’86Trick-or-treating with my kid, Dave Parker & Ray Fosse stories, and today’s gritty playersListener Guest Series: Andrew Allred joins the show!Listener Guest Series: Ed McGill joins the show!Listener Guest Series: Brad Howell + how to get into adult baseball leaguesI’m addicted to energy drinks, the legend of Steve Carlton, ’94 StrikeListener Guest Series: John A joins the show!Willie McGee, The Sandlot Days, HR Derby, Baseball BatsGood Baseball Talk with FrankShane Barclay from JapanBallTetherball and Four Square, Lou Gehrig was a badass, pitchers need to hit batters, more Rickey Henderson storiesBaseball Nostalgia Talk with DanielMy parents were ruthless in the ’80s, the legend of Ron LeFloreGood baseball stuff with MikeGood cheap beer and our first listener on the show!How Dan Quisenberry made the bigs, summertime as a kid, adult leagues, Don Baylor was a bad dude!The Hat Guy! Graham MaclaganThe nostalgia of a good hat, John Kruk stories, watching baseball with my daughterBrad Balukjian, author of The Wax PackThe Niekro bros, Miracle Whip sandwiches, buying cigs for mom