What Is Childhood Emotional Neglect And How It Impacts Your Adult Life

So, How's Therapy?

Feb 18 2021 • 28 mins

Childhood Emotional Neglect happens when well-meaning parents don’t adequately tend to their children’s emotional needs, but it doesn’t mean they are bad parents.

If you feel like you had well-meaning parents, but you struggle with feelings of shame, guilt, or emotional distance, you might have experienced Childhood Emotional Neglect. CEN comes in many forms, and the effects are long-lasting.

What You’ll Learn

  • How Childhood Emotional Neglect is a not-so-obvious trauma
  • The difference between psychological abuse and emotional neglect
  • The common effects of Childhood Emotional Neglect
  • Why your parents may have been emotionally unavailable or unaware
  • Why we need emotions in the first place
  • What we can do to begin the healing process


Full show notes: https://cohesivetherapynyc.com/blog/what-is-childhood-emotional-neglect-and-how-it-impacts-your-adult-life/

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