Episode 164: Effortlessness » Strictly House Music

house music by dattrax

Dec 13 2023 • 1 hr 14 mins

dattrax: Welcome, Fellow House Music Aficionados!! This is where house music resides.
I make recorded mixes to satisfy my curiosity in this art form, release stress, and engage in self-therapy. But, back in the day, it was our DJ moniker back in the day, "dattrax" was for live events... We are a dynamic DJ duo hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada! Jim and Dat, lifelong friends since we were 16 and passionate House Fiends with over three decades of musical camaraderie, comprise us.

Our world revolves around house music and anything we love that can be mixed with house music instrumentals. Dive into our shared passion, enjoy the tunes (there are now over 160+ mixes on this site/mobile app, "Podomatic" - search for 'house music by dattrax'), and don't forget to share your thoughts after listening — your feedback is our inspiration.

In the words of our original DJ bio written a lifetime ago: "For us, house music is more than just underground dance music; it's the ultimate form of self-expression, a musical cut and paste where you craft your unique sonic journey. Choose your favourite tracks, set the pace, highlight the moments that resonate with you, EQ the sound ranges that move you and create a musical experience that's uniquely yours."

We're committed to delivering our best, investing time, energy, and love. Our discerning taste is evident in our meticulous vinyl and mp3 selection process - only buying the tracks that give us goosebumps, elicit a 'Wowzers' in our guts or make us raise our fists in the air.

Join us on this musical adventure, where the combinations are endless, the energy is infectious, and every track is chosen with care and mixed with respect to the creators of the tracks. Welcome to the dattrax sound! I wish you all the best in your corner of the world as the holiday season approaches and the possibilities of a new outcome for each of us in the new year.

How do we describe the dattrax sound? Always Fun, Tech-Fused, Funky-Foot Stompin', Carved Deep and Woven & Laced with Sweet Smooth Hands in the Air Vocals... Strictly House Music- always dattrax.

Reach out to us and comment if you've enjoyed our mixes.
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Please share with your family, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances who could use a dose of musical candy.
Isn't music such a great escape?

DJ Bookings for Canada, the US, or Global: dattrax@gmail.com

Image Credit: This was a painting in acrylic that I made in Nov of a DJ drawing I made decades ago.

As always - massive thanks to the fantastic vocalists, producers, DJs, and dancers (even in your homes or while walking about) for their incredible advancement of this beautiful musical genre!! It makes us all feel young, vibrant, and extremely happy!!

30 Tracks in 1hr and 14mins!! Pls, email us at dattrax@gmail.com if you want the playlist for this mix because Podomatic now has a 4,000 character (incl spaces) limit on episode description.

Google "dattrax" and find the Podomatic link.
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