Episode 161: Open to Receive » Strictly House Music

house music by dattrax

Nov 4 2023 • 2 hrs 34 mins

dattrax: Welcome, My Fellow House Lovers!! Welcome to where house music resides.

For me, I've always made mixes for two people: myself and my best friend and DJ partner, Jim. Anyone else likes it, and it's gravy and makes me happy. When Jim likes or loves a mix, then I'm thrilled.

If I don't love it and don't want to listen to it repeatedly, then I don't post it on my Podomatic site or share it. I'd delete it after one listen and try again another time.

Choosing House Music is only a matter of available time. As I get older, there's less time. There are levels to each craft and sections within each. You can go deeper and deeper into any endeavour.

Everything demands time to try, test/ experiment, adjust and implement. You make choices that are the best for your situation.

In 1989, I was 15 and in grade 10.
I got into house music 30+ years ago.
I started buying vinyl records and DJ'ing at 18, and it's been a lifelong addiction ever since.

I've told myself many, many times over the last 30+ years of DJ'ing that when it stops being fun, then I'll stop wasting tons of time and money on it.

This addiction to house is probably not going to leave me. I packed up my records and equipment for 2-3 years. Then I heard a house mix by a local Toronto, and it blew my mind. I jumped on to Beatport a few nights later and bought a crazy batch of tunes.

I wish you well and hope for all the best to you. Thank you for taking a listen to my sessions.

How do we describe the dattrax sound? Always Fun, Tech-Fused, Funky-Foot Stompin', Carved Deep and Woven & Laced with Sweet Smooth Hands in the Air Vocals... Strictly House Music- always dattrax.

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As always - massive thanks to the fantastic vocalists, producers, DJs, and dancers (even in your homes or while walking about) for their incredible advancement of this beautiful musical genre!! It makes us all feel young, vibrant, and extremely happy!!

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All tracks bought from https://www.traxsource.com/ and https://www.beatport.com/

This mix was created on a Native Instrument's "Traxtor Kontrol S4" controller MK3 version, a crappy PC laptop, and sometimes, we'll additionally use two Stanton 150 direct drive turntables with Traxtor's control vinyl records. That's the best for maximum fun and tactile feel and control.