Episode 173: WOK with dattrax » Strictly House Music

house music by dattrax

Apr 23 2024 • 4 hrs 52 mins

dattrax: Welcome to all the people out there who love house music. This is where house resides.

I just turned 50!!! Old, bald, Chinaman. but... I have loved house music since I was 15 years old. House has been an outlet for me to release ALL my negative energy... whether I'm listening to house music. Hunting, finding, mixing, dancing or enjoying house music. Talking about it with other people. Dreaming about combinations. Every track that I love.  I dream of how to introduce it to people.

It's all about the combos!! Transforming the negative—anger, despair, hopelessness—and turning that energy into something beautiful, something that will make you smile.

As you smile, you have a vivacious spark that grows into something good. Because we all need a little encouragement, we all have dreams and plans.

We want to design our lives. It must first be the image in our minds in detail. Our real battles are with our minds. Stop talking bad to yourself. You fucked up. Great. It's over. Done. Forget about it. Let's dance.  Love everyone. Avoid negative.

That's my Chinese fortune cookie rant for you. Much love, dattrax.

I mixed and danced my heart out on this one—almost five hours!!! I made some goodies for you.

Enjoy this journey. You're going to LOVE THIS!!!!!

Connect with us!!! Please tell us how you feel through these sessions.

How are you? I hope for the best for you.   You can do what you want to do. Take that first step.

Thank you for listening to our house music sessions from Toronto, Canada. We are thankful for our lives and this fucking beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful, fascinating music.

Where you can take what you like and combine it with something else you like. It's beautiful. A musical collage of all the sounds that you love, mashed up in the way that you like it. There's nothing like house music. All the best to you. Massive hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do we describe the dattrax sound? Always Fun, Tech-Fused, Funky-Foot Stompin', Carved Deep and Woven & Laced with Sweet Smooth Hands in the Air Vocals... Strictly House Music- always dattrax.

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