Design Demystified: Unveiling the Magic of Branding for Non-Designers

The ANBRWY Podcast

Aug 16 2023 • 27 mins

Anyone can create a logo or website – Lauren Felter’s superpower is using design to attract
and convert your ideal person. That’s why she’s the designer that non-designers love.
As the owner of Felter Unfiltered, she prides herself on a no-shame, no-shade approach to
her web design, branding, and design education. She helps business owners, freelancers, and
9-to-5ers ensure the design does the selling for them. Because good design does more than just
look good – it gets results!

Felter is also a proud former ladder climber. She spent the first decade of her career
overseeing marketing, operations, and technical systems for a university admissions office,
while also teaching design as adjunct faculty. After following the traditional path to success
but only finding intense burnout and an identity crisis at the top, she blew it all up in January
2020 to do it her own way.