#21: Inside the mind of a Billionaire - With Donal Kelleher

Quick Win CEO

Dec 26 2021 • 54 mins

This is a special episode with a very special guest, and I was honoured to interview Mr Donal Kelleher. Not a lot of people will know about Donal but he has an incredible story that started with very humble beginnings that went all the way to selling his last business for over a billion pounds. In the episode, we try to understand the mindset of someone so successful that we can apply it to our own businesses.

This episode is a little out of the ordinary which I guess is in keeping with it being a special episode, we started off with a podcast prep call which was just so insightful and interesting that we had to share it with you.

I really hope you enjoy this.

Let’s go.

I'm Chris O'Hare your Quick Win CEO, as a CEO I've run businesses, founded startups, consultant for others and even won awards. But in this show, we'll be talking to entrepreneurs and experts to help you understand key concepts for your business along with 3 quick wins that you can take away and apply to your business today. Every week we'll be finding out about the entrepreneur themselves and diving into a different but important topic.

Thanks to Donal for that great interview.

I’m your Quick Win CEO, Signing out.


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