S1E3: The Curious Nature of Love

Poetry Nap

Feb 9 2021 • 24 mins

Join Lady and Lord Dosis as our shared fanciful dream continues to reveal more treasured treats. We meet unexpected—yet very welcome—luminaries as we bid a fond farewell to our beloved, enchanted island. Who is the man floating on a wingéd canoe? Where is the mouth of the grass? What is the nature of love? Find out all of this and more while you rest, relax, giggle, let go, and—nap, if you'd like.  Head over to poetrynap.com to join our mailing list and for more information on the poets and musicians featured in this episode. Become a Poetry Nap member to enjoy the full-length, hour-long, uninterrupted versions of all the released Seasons in addition to other perks. Sweet dreams.   Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter