The Storyteller Series

Nov 19 2021 • 53 mins

Hunger by Natalie Huber Rodriguez In the harsh North American wilderness, an immigrant and his family encounter an ancient evil in the land... an evil he may know all too well. TW: Extreme violence, spousal/child abuse, for historical accuracy outdated and or offensive terms may be used in this story Narrator: (Max Marshall) Wawetseka: (Natalie Huber Rodriguez) Mary: (Zeina Chaudhry) Billy: (Amy Wyant) James: (Mike Wyant, Jr.) Sign up to our weekly newsletter! Check out the print edition for more stories at: ( For more information on other Night Shift Radio shows: ( -------- Our Sponsor: 4th and Starlight The 4th and Starlight anthology features nineteen illustrated stories that span the spectrum of science fiction and fantasy. This anthology features two Storyteller Series authors: our Editor, (Mike Wyant Jr.) and (Rebecca E. Treasure). The Kickstarter ends December 10th, so visit our Kickstarter to secure your paperback or e-book copy today!