The Charred Sea

The Storyteller Series

Aug 10 2020 • 53 mins

They were just children when they were sent on an impossible mission: Save the world from a creature that is poisoning it. Now, as elder adults, do they even know what to do? Written by: Barry Charman Cast: Narrator: Dustin (Vibronium) Twitch.tv/Vibronium Jerome: Malik "Crusader" Forrester https://www.twitch.tv/crusader (www.twitch.tv/crusader) Una: Leah Alexandra Twitch.tv/Leahviathan Paige: Amy Wyant Piper: Emily Donaldson Tom: Mike Wyant Jr. Fletcher: Caleb Coy Billy: Michael Fight Production: Produced by: Michael Fight Storyteller Series Editor: Mike Wyant Jr. Edited by: Cole Oppedisano Sound Engineered by: Kitzy Support this podcast