The Storyteller Series

May 20 2022 • 55 mins

"Curated" by (Megan Wildhood) ( (Linktree)) On my fifth loop, I finally look at her eyes. It’s like they cracked open on impact. A course of needles dashes down my spine, this time not from the injury I got a similar way this young woman who maybe jumped and landed on my rug did. “I’m just as stunned as you." TW: Suicide Find Us Online - Website: ( - Twitter: ( Credits: The Narrator and Gus are played by (Roma Garustovich) Jensen is played by (Mike Wyant, Jr.) ( (Twitter)) Officer 1 is Erika Moat Officer 2 is Caleb Coy Officer 3 is played by Michael Cherniak Runnel of a Woman, (Leah Ning) Contractor, Caleb Coy James, by Michael Cherniak Tim, by (Josh Coy) And the Rude Friend is played by Pete Andrews. Sign up to our weekly newsletter! - ( Check out the print edition for more stories at: - ( About Us The Storyteller Series is a podcast bringing back classic radio theatre featuring engaging storytelling delivered to you monthly. We produce full cast productions of original short stories in an audio drama style. Welcome to an audible journey. The Storyteller Series Podcast is part of the Night Shift Media Group. Visit them on the web at ( Mentioned in this episode: Night Shift Radio Presents: SUSPENSE! Night Shift Radio Presents: SUSPENSE! The 1940's CBS Radio Show in its original form, ad free. Listen to the golden age of radio and what was described as "Radio's outstanding theater of thrills". New episodes daily (NSR Suspense)