The Door Is Open

The Storyteller Series

Oct 27 2021 • 43 mins

"The Door Is Open" by https://warrenbenedetto.com/ (Warren Benedetto) (Twitter: https://twitter.com/warrenbenedetto (@warrenbenedetto)) TW: Violence, Suicide, Miscarriage, Drugs, Alcohol Grief can drive you to do incredible things... but sometimes chasing the incredible leads to a world filled with unimaginable horrors. Narrator: https://twitter.com/heysarahsweeney (Sarah Sweeney) Carol: Amy Wyant Pete: https://nightshiftradio.com/fight-resume (Michael Cherniak) Automated Alarm: https://twitter.com/mikewyantjr (Mike Wyant, Jr. ) Sign up to our weekly newsletter! http://NSRad.io/mailinglist (NSRad.io/mailinglist) Check out the print edition for more stories at: https://nightshiftradio.com/storytellersprint (https://nightshiftradio.com/storytellersprint) For more information on other Night Shift Radio shows: https://NightShiftRadio.com (NightShiftRadio.com) Support this podcast