Lavender Footsteps

The Storyteller Series

Apr 13 2020 • 1 hr 6 mins

Summary: Even in a dystopia, there are pockets of peace. Until there aren't. Lynn has supported and protected Kammy and her daughter Em for as long as she can remember. She does this as thanks to Kammy, who nursed her back to health after Lynn was in a coma. Or that's what she's been told. When Em goes missing, Kammy and Lynn split up to search the woods and find Em before darkness falls and a storm hits. Lynn finds Em, but is forced to return home without Kammy. Later that night, when Kammy still doesn't respond to her radio, Lynn heads out into the woods to search for her, but when she finds Kammy's lifeless body on a hill, her equipment stolen, something happens. Footsteps light up in the night. Raindrops slow like suspended diamonds. And Lynn is ready to kill those who hurt her family, even if it destroys her life, her relationship with Em, and even her identity. Writer: Mike Wyant Jr. Donate: https://Paypal.me/mikewyantjr (Paypal.me/mikewyantjr) Narrator: Casey Ryan Donate via Venmo: @DaniRyan88 Support this podcast