Conversations with Mimi Rehor on The Abaco Island Project

Whinny Tales: Horse Stories, Pony Legends and Unicorn Yarns

Mar 7 2020 • 44 mins

Bruce and Julianne have a follow-up conversation to speak with Milanne Rehor about the  Wild Horses of Abaco Project. In this second call, Bruce and Mimi discuss the early days of the herd and how Mimi found them when she first arrived on Abaco.

Bruce spent time over a period of two years working with Nunki, the last mare of the Abaco breed. Since she was in fact still wild, he was called in to help Mimi work with her on the stressful aspects of collecting eggs for future breeding and insemination. From handling during vet exams to stress-free loading into the breeding chute, the less stress she felt during the process, the greater the chance of success. Unfortunately, Nunki died in 2015 before the insemination took place. On a positive note, however, the organization was able to collect her eggs for future cloning projects.

While remaining in Abaco to update and fortify the Preserve to house an equine therapy program, Mimi was still in the Bahamas when the storm hit during the fall of 2019. The first podcast episode about the Abacos released in January delved into the storm and Mimi's experiences following the devastation. She has since completed enough renovations on a newly donated vessel to be able to take to the water again and make a move to Marathon, Florida.

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