Why we need feminine energy to be whole - with Amy Piatt

Spiritual Wanderlust

Sep 30 2021 • 43 mins

What does it mean to be whole? Join feminine rebel Amy Piatt and Kelly Deutsch while we talk about integrating our feminine and masculine sides, so we can be a place of healing for the world. We'll also explore what happens when our leaders fall - and why we feel so crushed. One Jungian possibility: perhaps we want our heroes to be good so we don't have to be.



Contemplation. Embodiment. Mysticism. Mischief. Join former nun and neuroscience aficionado Kelly Deutsch as she interviews contemplative teachers, embodiment experts, psychologists, and mystics about the untamed frontiers of interior life. Each episode is jam packed with life-changing stories, spiritual practices, and powerful insight to support your journey toward wholeness and divine intimacy.

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