Episode 248 | Revolutionizing Healthcare Engagement with Campaign Builder from +Oscar

Millennium Live | A Leadership & Discovery Podcast

Mar 12 2024 • 24 mins

In this episode of Millennium Live, we dive into the dynamic world of healthcare engagement with our esteemed guest, Will Johnson, Vice President and General Manager at +Oscar, a pioneering healthcare company reshaping the health insurance landscape. Will joins us to shed light on Campaign Builder, their innovative tool designed to address the complexities of member engagement within the healthcare sector. Will unravels the backstory of +Oscar and Campaign Builder, a cutting-edge solution tailored to address the complexities of member engagement within the healthcare sector, and highlights prevalent challenges such as communication gaps, lack of personalization, and the quest for more efficient engagement strategies. Will also shares how Campaign Builder serves as a transformative force, bridging communication chasms, personalizing engagement tactics, and streamlining outreach processes for enhanced member connectivity.

Gain insights into the integration of AI and data analytics within Campaign Builder, propelling a deeper understanding of member preferences and paving the way for more informed engagement strategies. Explore Will's vision for the evolution of member engagement, fueled by advancements in technology and a steadfast commitment to enhancing patient experiences. Tune into this episode to learn how Campaign Builder ensures relevance by tailoring engagement strategies to the unique healthcare journeys of individual patients, fostering meaningful connections at every step.

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