After all species in the galaxy suddenly die off, their AI-equipped spaceships are left looking for answers, survivors, and adventure. Spaceships is a sci-fi comedy podcast created and written by Filip Momirovski. Voiced by Bobby Gaglini and Arson Alfaro. Sound-designed and edited by Vlad O. Produced by Afterscape. https://twitter.com/SpaceshipsPod https://theafterscape.com/spaceships/ afterscape.co@gmail.com If you enjoy Spaceships and would like to support us in making more episodes please consider becoming our patron on https://patreon.com/wearespaceships

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TRAILER: Spaceships
Jun 12 2021
2 mins
EP1 VentingEP2 The Eyes FolderMINI EPISODE: Life SupportEP3 All Well NowTRAILER: SpaceshipsEP4 Ghost TownBONUS AUDIO: Ambience SoundsPRESENTING: CivilizedEP5 The SphereMINI EPISODE: UHS CryptoPRESENTING: Midnight BurgerEP6 Rover RaceMINI EPISODE: To Belong in this UniverseEP7 Dirty Wheels