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How To Start A Business And Exit Rich w/ Michelle Seiler Tucker
Sep 22 2022
How To Start A Business And Exit Rich w/ Michelle Seiler Tucker
How can you avoid being one of 90% of businesses who fail?Michelle Seiler Tucker is the CEO & Founder of Seiler Tucker Incorporated, has sold over 500 businesses to date and currently owns several businesses. She is the premier authority on buying and selling businesses. She is also the host of the "Exit Rich" podcast. On this episode, she emphasizes the following:- why 90% of businesses fail and how you can avoid being a statistic- why you should think about exiting as soon as you start your business- why you should get all your ducks in a row from Day 1- why you should have more than 1 profit centre- how to apply the 6 Ps as part of your business infrastructure- how to work on instead of in your business- how some businesses thrived while others filed for bankruptcy during the pandemic- how to sell your business for maximum value- how these business principles can be applied to our individual lives Listen as she shares how she has helped hundreds of different types of businesses apply these principles and have the business owner exit rich, employees treating their jobs as businesses rather than jobs and how you can do the same no matter what industry you are in.Connect with Michelle:Website: can purchase "Exit Rich" by Michelle Seiler Tucker on her website, Amazon or any other bookstore.Don't forget to subscribe, give a rating and a review.Feel free to reach out on:Facebook: roberta4sk@gmail.comYouTube: