White Sox Talk Podcast

NBC Sports Chicago

The White Sox Talk Podcast brings you unparalleled insight and access to the White Sox. Featuring interviews with current/former players and coaches, we’ll tell you why something happened yesterday, and what’s likely going to happen tomorrow. Hosted by Chuck Garfien, featuring Ryan McGuffey, and a whole lot of White Sox and baseball guests. New episodes release every Tuesday and Thursday, and whenever news breaks.

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Our Editor's Take

Chicago, Illinois might be one of the most passionate baseball cities in the United States. White Sox Talk Podcast is a podcast that encourages Chicago White Sox fans to stay updated with what is happening on and off the field. This podcast is an official production of NBC Sports Chicago.

The White Sox Talk Podcast has three hosts, and each of them has been a White Sox fan for decades. Chuck Garfien is the lead host and a veteran sports anchor. He joined NBC Sports Chicago in 2004 and, before that, worked for Fox Sports Net in Denver. During his time with NBC Sports Chicago, he has been the recipient of six Midwest Emmy Awards. Ryan McGuffey is a senior producer at NBC Sports Chicago. Chris Kamka is a production assistant and associate producer with NBC Sports. Between the three hosts, there is a significant amount of knowledge about the team.

White Sox Talk Podcast focuses on more than statistics or prognostication. Many players and essential team personnel have appeared on episodes of the podcast. This includes Rick Hahn, the team's GM, and outfielder Oscar Colas. Pitcher Joe Kelly has also been a special guest on the podcast. The hosts have been covering the White Sox for years, and they have built up a good relationship with the team. This makes the atmosphere of the podcast conversational and insightful.

Another important aspect of the White Sox Talk Podcast is how thorough it is. The podcast does not only analyze the team when they are playing. The hosts also focus on the preseason and the postseason. New episodes of the White Sox Talk Podcast premiere on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Special episodes get released when major news stories break.

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