The Social-Savvy Introvert

Kelly VanHoveln

Introvert-friendly marketing techniques & real-life success stories to help you grow & scale your high-ticket coaching or service-based business without doing all.the.things on social media. Create better content and forget the overwhelm of launching, hiring a huge team, or getting on high-pressured sales calls that leave you feeling drained. More powerful content is all you need to get clients reaching out to you, credit card in-hand, and ready to work with you.

Learn how to build an audience, grow your engagement, and simplify your sales process using Facebook & Instagram. No complex sales funnels or investing in tons of tech. When you're ready to scale past 6-figures, learn how to implement paid ads, podcasting, and find the perfect VA to streamline & automate your lead-generation machine.

19: Planning Your Coaching Investment18: Normalizing Introversion with Allison Borstad17: Why You're Not Consistent and What to Do About It16: Learn to Love the Sales Conversation15: My Three Favorite Marketing Plans
There's a lot of talk in the online space about having a marketing strategy, but not very many people talking about what goes into a good marketing strategy and how to pick the plan that works for you. Today we'll examine the three types of social media marketing plan and go through the pros & cons of each so you can pick whether or not it's the right plan for you. *** If you desire to reach the next level of success with your coaching practice, someone else's "proven strategy" won't help you build the momentum you need if it doesn't feel aligned with your offer, your personality, or your goals. What you need is a custom-designed strategy that allows you to move forward powerfully, show up consistently, and reach your goals quickly in a way that feels good to you. Join me March 22-24 for a live workshop where we'll develop the plan that is perfect fit for you, whether your goal is to launch a brand-new offer or to enroll more people into the one you’ve perfected over the last 5 years. Together we will: 1. Get crystal clear on your mission and the change you wish to make in the world so that you can align your business goals with your life's priorities. 2. Embrace the audience-building, collaboration, and content types that you enjoy, and get rid of the ones you don't, so that you never feel icky about marketing again. 3. Create a momentum-building plan that prioritizes consistency, relationships, and excellence so that every effort you make is aligned with your goals and your values. If you want a plan for building sustainable momentum for selling your coaching service through simple, consistent actions that are aligned with your priorities, goals, and mission. Register today. Join the Group for access. Social Savvy Introvert Group: https://facebook.com/groups/socialsavvyintrovert Follow Kelly on Instagram @kellyvanhoveln
Mar 4 2022
22 mins
14: The Shy Girl's Guide to Networking with Melitta Campbell
If you are concerned that your introversion or shyness are holding you back, this is the episode for you. Kelly interviews Melitta Campbell, author of "The Shy Girl's Guide to Networking," and they chat about how shyness can be a damaging label if you don't do the work to understand where it comes from, whereas introversion is a state of being. We talk about building a business on your own terms, on taking the time to do it well, and on noticing gaps in your skillset that might be keeping you stuck. Melitta Campbell is an award-winning business coach and certified mindset coach who is passionate about helping women confidently build and grow a profitable business that allows them to do work that they love, create the balanced lifestyle they desire, and feel proud of the difference they are making for others.  Her expertise comes from 25+ years of experience in communication, marketing and leadership, including more than a decade of running her own businesses. This allows her to coach her clients on the inner-game of success as much as the practicalities of starting and running a thriving business.   Melitta is also the best-selling author of A Shy Girl’s guide to Networking, international speaker, and host of the Driven Female Entrepreneur podcast.   Originally from the UK, she now supports her global client base from her home in Switzerland, where she lives with her husband and two daughters. Get Melitta's free eBook "6 Steps to More Dream Clients" --> https://www.melittacampbell.com/more-clients/ Connect with Melitta: LinkedIn: @Melitta Instagram: @melittacampbell Facebook: @melittacampbell Submit your questions for our next Q&A episode in the Social Savvy Introvert Group: https://facebook.com/groups/socialsavvyintrovert Follow Kelly on Instagram @kellyvanhoveln Book Your 90-Minute Strategy Session with Kelly --> https://socialsavvyintrovert.com/90
Feb 22 2022
42 mins
13: Make Social Media Work for You12: The State of Coaching, 202211: High-Ticket vs. Low-Ticket Buyer10: Follow the Data to Grow with Ease9: Confident on Camera with Jenn Espinosa-GoswamiPeek into My Coaching Session with Celeste
Dec 28 2021
53 mins
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