[Fan Favorite] John Hope Bryant on Empowering Entrepreneurs and Championing Minorities in Business

In Good Companies

Nov 21 2023 • 26 mins

'Tis the season to be thankful! While our team takes a short holiday break, we’re bringing back a fan favorite episode from last season. It's our way of saying thank you for making “In Good Companies” a success.

So together, let’s revisit a conversation that got us thinking about what it means to champion diversity in entrepreneurship. Because when in business, we all need a helping hand to reach our true potential. That’s especially true for those from underserved communities. So how do we empower entrepreneurs? What can we give them, and what do they have to do for themselves?

To find out, we speak with John Hope Bryant, an accomplished entrepreneur himself. John’s been called “The Conscience of Capitalism,” advising three sitting U.S. presidents and was named one of Time Magazine’s “50 Leaders for the Future.” His nonprofit, Operation HOPE, is the largest nonprofit provider of financial literacy, inclusion, and economic empowerment tools in the United States.

Having built his own path in entrepreneurship, John knows the barriers that minority business owners face. So in this episode, we hear what John has learned from his journey, the challenges and opportunities of minority entrepreneurship and Operation HOPE’s “One Million Black Businesses” initiative. We’ll cover how to build networks, capital, and belief in budding entrepreneurs.

Listen in to hear Patrick and our powerhouse guest, John Hope Bryant, discuss empowering entrepreneurs with hope.


  • Introduction to Operation HOPE (1:47)
  • How entrepreneurship changed John’s life (3:59)
  • Enterprise can create generational wealth (5:48)
  • John’s first business at 10 years old (7:21)
  • How the Rodney King riots changed John’s perspective (10:06)
  • The origins of Operation HOPE (11:15)
  • Barriers to entrepreneurship (12:28)
  • Never give up (12:51)
  • Empowering entrepreneurs with belief (14:28)
  • Helping an entrepreneur build their network (16:20)
  • One  Million Black Businesses (19:30)
  • How entrepreneurs can empower themselves (21:47)
  • “Just do something” (23:20)
  • The 3rd Reconstruction (24:45)



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