Nurture your Culture: Dr Marcus Collins on the Power of Culture in Business

In Good Companies

Oct 31 2023 • 29 mins

A recent Deloitte survey shows that our professional expectations have shifted in the past decade. In 2023, our youngest workers want jobs aligned with their values, where they have a purpose and find a sense of belonging. Increasingly, our workforce looks for good company culture, first and foremost. So how does culture drive strategy? And how can it help your business thrive? We ask Dr. Marcus Collins, an award-winning marketer, professor and author of the best-selling book “For the Culture”.

Culture is the cornerstone of Marcus’s career. Back in 2009, he worked in the music industry, running digital strategy for Beyoncé. He then made a name in advertising; working with agencies like Doner, or Wieden+Kennedy. In the field, he saw firsthand how culture lifts business; so he continued to study it with a doctorate at Temple University. In this episode, he gives us a crash course.

Marcus will define what culture means, and share his best advice to turn identity into power. We’ll see how culture can help companies reach their community, and find new talents too. Finally, Marcus will explain how to handle cultural questions responsibly, by staying mindful of other perceptions.

Join Marcus and Patrick for a fascinating and energetic conversation. And find out today how culture shapes the company you keep.


  • A deceptively simple concept (2:01)
  • Finding a working definition for “culture” (4:07)
  • Culture as a measurement of normality (6:43)
  • When culture and marketing go hand in hand (7:50)
  • Influencing people who see the world our way (9:24)
  • How culture transforms a job into a calling (10:39)
  • Culture for recruitment: a successful example (13:55)
  • Tuning into other people’s perspectives (17:27)
  • How emotion interacts with judgment (19:21)
  • Benefits of activating your base (22:12)
  • The problem with being normal (24:56)
  • Using culture for good (26:21)
  • Intentions, perspectives, and outcomes (28:04)


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