Turning Data into Gold: Mining the Power of Data Intelligence, with Clarity Innovations

In Good Companies

Dec 13 2023 • 30 mins

Information brings us food for thought. It grounds a lot of our discussions, and perhaps, most importantly, it gives our work direction and purpose. This is why on this podcast, we bring you expert guests and start every episode with a little bit of data! A recent survey by Deloitte finds that 83% of business leaders believe leveraging human data can reap benefits for both their organization and their workers. But only 19% feel equipped to start this work. So how do you bridge that gap? We find out, with Mike Lanciano and James Chapman, engineering executives from Clarity Innovations.

Clarity Innovations is a firm that connects people with accessible digital services and cutting-edge data solutions. From government to commercial organizations, they have helped clients tap into the power of data. In today’s episode, Mike and James reveal how to forage information inside our companies and put it to good use.

They show us how data can improve our processes, our products, and our business culture if only we ask the right questions. They also unpack key concepts like “unstructured data,” and debunk the big fears around Artificial Intelligence to help us navigate a whole new world of technology!

Get started on your data journey with Patrick, Mike, and James. They’ll make you a little more tech-savvy today.


  • Defining “data intelligence” (2:05)
  • What a data management solution looks like (3:11)
  • Why cybersecurity matters (5:23)
  • Looking for data in every corner of your business (6:24)
  • How Clarity Innovations manages their data in-house (8:23)
  • Finding data solution through experiment (12:34)
  • What does bad data look like? (15:03)
  • Asking the right questions, to find the right data (16:38)
  • Mastering the art of “proximal objectives” (18:14)
  • Taking caution with Artificial Intelligence (20:19)
  • How to outsmart your AI tools (22:30)
  • Debunking the bias question (24:18)
  • Final advice from James and Mike (27:55)


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