In the Driver’s Seat: Your All-in-One Guide to Business Leadership

In Good Companies

Jan 12 2024 • 29 mins

Happy New Year! 2024 is here, and, as is our tradition, our team celebrates bringing good companies forward. So to close season four, we welcome back some well-loved guests to talk about one of our favorite topics: how to lead with integrity. Consider this your all-in-one guide to business leadership.

This episode features a variety of short clips where our guests share their depth of experience to help you learn how to communicate better, take challenges in stride and land on winning strategies. We will see that effective leadership is bolstered by a human approach and that it always starts with vulnerability and collaboration. And of course, you will hear from leaders who did everything wrong, before finding their way.

Get ready to get inspired, with our fantastic guests: Mohammad Anwar, the loving CEO of Softway; Anna Catalano, an impressive advisor and board director with 40 years of experience in corporate leadership; Dr. Marcus Collins, a powerful speaker and expert in culture and marketing; the wise and inspiring Craig Flowers, an Army veteran and the founder of Sideline Leadership; and born-to lead, former Super Bowl champion, Keith Jackson Sr. To hear more from them, find their individual episodes linked below.

Let’s wrap up season 4 together, and be ready to lead our companies into the new year!


  • How Craig Flowers earned his stripes as a leader (1:54)
  • Craig’s definition of leadership (3:39)
  • Mohammad Anwar: from bad boss, to loving CEO (5:48)
  • The leadership strategy that changed the game (8:57)
  • Love as a plan of action (11:12)
  • The Holmgren way: Keith Jackson Sr. on coaching and teamwork (13:43)
  • Finding mentors at every stage of your career (15:40)
  • The art of communication, with Dr Marcus Collins (19:22)
  • When leading with empathy takes practice (21:24)
  • Diversity and decision making, with Anna Catalano (23:36)
  • The importance of board refreshment (26:09)


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