2020-04-22 The Watt from Pedro Show

The Watt From Pedro Show

Apr 22 2020 • 3 hrs

hour one: "if I were a bell" (live) john coltrane w/miles davis "back to the gutter" white gregg "sci-fi song" white gregg "solid air" gareth sager "observe my crazy arms" bilge pump "celebrity skronk" trotsky icepick "happenstance" ore extract "instant transcendent conjecture" thurston moore group "the sea" senor al dios y david 'el diablo' dios "social conscience" (live) crushed by pimps "sagrado corazon" bela "safe sex drill" captain beefheart "william shatner" white gregg hour two: "lazy and the tramp" white gregg "watch me go" luke winslow-king "righteous ways" scott h biram "windjammer" guided by voices "women of your world" pleases "the drum" pleases "not enough romance" kosmoshice "new world virus order" megadoute "wipeout" the opium trail "visiting hours" cory branan "heart failure" white gregg hour three: "drowning song" white gregg "between us" crane "surfin' monster" the cakeholes "balinese" andre vida "the party" ha ha tonka heart "big ol' party" bark "dark corner" white gregg "slow burner" white gregg "lullaby of good consequences " bradford reed "get my head right" chinese herbal medicine "universal love" bhajan bhoy "you are (all) beautifull babies" omfu "black hornet" white gregg