The Seat of Fulfillment

Eric Ludy Sermon Podcast: Church at Ellerslie

Apr 28 2022 • 47 mins

There appear to be two seats in which the Christian can choose to sit. One of them, like the forbidden tree in the Garden of Eden, promises limitless earthly fulfillment while simultaneously accusing God of being a big bummer for prohibiting access to it. Psalm 1:1 describes this first seat as the “Seat of the Scornful”. But, there is another seat. And this second seat is a heavenly seat. And when we choose it over the first seat, God promises to indubitably supply all the fulfillment that He created us to discover. However, the glory of this second seat is only found when we let go of all the world’s promises of fleshly satisfaction derived from sitting in the first seat. And it is over this key decision in each of our lives that the spiritual realms wage their great war.

NOTE: We apologize for the sound issues in this episode. We almost didn't post this message due to sizable problems in the first 18 minutes. But, after trimming off the first 18 minutes, we felt like it was clear enough to still work as a solid, edifying message.