Anthropic seeking $5B valuation, OpenAI hires 1000 contractors, Mr. Beast’s latest video | E1668

This Week in Startups

Jan 30 2023 • 1 hr 7 mins

Jason and Molly kick off the week with a generative ai update! (5:00) Then, they cover Mr. Beast’s latest video and “stunt culture” (35:21), some more third-rail topics (49:40), and Billy McFarland being back in the news! (59:50)

(0:00) M+J kick off the show

(2:10) Apply to Founder University 2-Day Workshop at

(5:00) Anthropic raises at a $5B valuation

(9:31) LinkedIn Jobs - Post your first job for free at

(11:01) More on Anthropic

(18:01) Notion - Sign up for FREE at

(19:21) Semafor reports OpenAI has contracted 1000 developers

(27:06) Baidu is developing their own AI Chatbot

(33:53) CAST AI - get a FREE cloud cost audit AND a personal consultation at

(35:21) MrBeast’s latest video + Stunt culture

(49:40) Third-rail topics

(59:50) Billy McFarland is back in the news