Logan Paul & CryptoZoo’s alleged scam breakdown with Coffeezilla + Ok Boomer with Em Herrera | E1652

This Week in Startups

Jan 6 2023 • 1 hr 13 mins

Coffeezilla joins M+J to discuss the latest on the alleged Logan Paul and CryptoZoo scam. (1:21) Then Em Herrera joins Rachel for this year’s first edition of Ok Boomer to discuss 2023 predictions. (50:29)

(0:00) Molly kicks off the show

(1:11) Coffeezilla joins Molly and Jason to discuss the alleged CryptoZoo Scandal and his background

(11:06) Supergut - Get 30% off with code TWIST at https://supergut.com

(12:37) Coffeezilla’s main issue with the alleged grift + What is CryptoZoo?

(19:58) MasterClass - Get 15% off an annual membership at https://masterclass.com/startups

(21:30) Logan Paul’s response video

(26:32) The red flags of CryptoZoo + What Logan should have done

(41:51) Subscribe to the Founder University Podcast at https://www.founder.university/podcast

(43:18) Overtime with Coffeezilla

(50:29) Ok Boomer: 2023 predictions with Em Herrera

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