$NFLX earnings, Reed Hastings steps down, Google's 6% RIF & Ok Boomer with Mike O'Brien | E1662

This Week in Startups

Jan 20 2023 • 57 mins

Molly and Jason tackle Netflix's stellar fourth-quarter earnings and the news that Reed Hastings is stepping down as CEO. (1:55) Plus, they delve into Google's announcement to lay off 6% of its workforce (17:00), and the former MySpace founders raised a $32M Seed round for their new gaming startup PLAI. (28:55) Lastly, Producer Rachel is back with another segment of Ok Boomer with Mike O'Brien! (36:47)

(0:00) M+J kick off the show

(1:55) Netflix earnings + Reed Hastings steps down as CEO

(9:29) Crowdbotics - Get a free scoping session for your next big app idea at crowdbotics.com/twist

(9:37) Netflix's future

(17:00) Google to layoff 6% of their staff

(23:37) Mixpanel - Apply for $50K in credits at https://mixpanel.com/startups

(20:50) Will Apple do a RIF?

(28:55) Former MySpace founders raise $32M for their new startup PLAI

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(35:19) House of Macadamias - Get 20% off at https://houseofmacadamias.com/twist by using code TWIST20

(36:47) Ok Boomer with Mike O'Brien

Bloomberg Article: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/newsletters/2023-01-20/reed-hastings-retires-as-netflix-ceo-with-a-long-list-of-wins

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