Jay Trades and SBF's Substack + Award season and Netflix's content strategy with Lon Harris | E1656

This Week in Startups

Jan 12 2023 • 59 mins

Molly and Jason chop it up about Jason's latest Jay Trades: Apple, Amazon and Disney. (2:21) Then they briefly discuss SBF's new Substack. (14:42) To wrap up the show, Lon joins us for this week's edition of This Week in Streaming to talk about award season and Netflix's content strategy. (21:14)

(0:00) M+J kick off the show

(2:21) Jason explains why he placed a bet on Apple

(8:12) Embroker - Use code TWIST to get an extra 10% off insurance at https://Embroker.com/twist

(9:20) Molly and Jason discuss his two other Jay Trades, Amazon and Disney

(14:42) SBF's Substack

(19:42) Lemon.io - Get 15% off your first 4 weeks of developer time at https://Lemon.io/twist

(21:14) Lon joins to discuss award season with Molly and Jason

(35:44) Fitbod - Get 25% off at https://fitbod.me/twist

(37:17) Netflix's content strategy is like a “gourmet cheeseburger”

(50:36) Award season continued

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