What if Blondes and Redheads were Outlawed? Why Natural Hair Should be a Basic Right


Mar 15 2022 • 33 mins

What if your natural blonde or red hair suddenly meant you couldn’t get that job you always wanted? Or what if that same hair color got you suspended from school if you refused to change it? African-Americans say they’ve been fighting this type of discrimination for hundreds of years. And an attempt to ban race-based hair discrimination recently failed in the U.S. House of Representatives with 188 Republicans voting against it. Known as the CROWN Act, similar legislation here in the state of Texas also stalled during the last legislative session. But supporters vow to continue the fight in D.C. and Austin calling it a civil rights issue because folks are being discriminated against based on something they can’t change. In this episode of Y’all-itics, Jason Whitely is joined by WFAA anchor Tashara Parker, who’s been shining a bright light on the issue for years after her own experience, in particular through her “Rooted” series. And state Representative Rhetta Bowers also promised to reintroduce the Texas CROWN Act next year with even broader protections.   Guests   Tashara Parker, WFAA Anchor (www.wfaa.com/rooted)   State Rep. Rhetta Bowers, (D) Garland