My Top Trick to Feeling More Confident and Trusting Myself

The Jen Gottlieb Show

Mar 24 2024 • 16 mins

I don’t believe that a morning routine is for everyone.

It seems like everyone with a podcast or a social media following will have you believe you need a morning routine to be successful these days.

But I use a different personal development tool that has significantly impacted my daily productivity and self-confidence.

I focus on writing down my wins at the end of my day because EVERYONE has at least 3 minutes before they go to bed that they can reflect on their day.

Whether it's resisting the snooze button, limiting my cookie intake, or celebrating massive achievements, when I recognize my daily successes before bed, it helps me accomplish more and feel more confident.

So, what is the last thing you do before going to bed?

If you don’t already, it’s time to start writing down your wins.

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