Q&A with Jen: How to Build Long-Lasting Relationships, Write a Book & Navigate Difficult Conversations

The Jen Gottlieb Show

Nov 15 2023 • 31 mins

In this Q&A episode, Jen answers your questions about creativity and clear communication. If you’ve been feeling stuck on taking action on a dream, Jen answers the question on how to get started with writing a book (or any vision you have).

Be sure to stay tuned in as Jen walks through navigating difficult conversations, approaching a challenge, and learning how to sit in the discomfort of challenging times. Whether you are tired of avoiding challenging conversations or are looking for inspiration on how to start writing your first book, this episode is here for you.

Key Topics:

  1. Tips to take inspired action on your dreams.
  2. How to sit in the uncomfortable moments of life for growth.
  3. Navigating difficult conversations for success.
  4. The Key to building long-lasting relationships.

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