The Nick Elston Show - 4.0 - Episode 1 - Stoyan Yankov

The Nick Elston Show

Jan 24 2022 • 43 mins

Hey everyone and welcome to The Nick Elston Show! Nick Elston is a leading Inspirational Speaker, Transformational Speaking Coach & Founder of Forging People - empowering, inspiring and educating people to step up, find their voice & truly be heard in life, in education, in leadership, in influencing & in business. (www.nickelston.com) The Nick Elston Show brings you the people who inspire, motivate, educate & engage in all walks of life - sharing their insights & experiences honestly, unfiltered & off script! This week, in the 1st episode of Season 4, Nick speaks to the fantastic Stoyan Yankov - Speaker, Founder, Movie Producer & Founder of ‘Perform - The Unsexy Truth About (Startup) Success! Themes we cover in this episode; - Culture - Productivity - Performance - Storytelling - The E.N.E.R.G.Y. Framework - A global cultural view - All of this, plus why Stolen decided against becoming the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ to become a Movie Producer & LOTS more along the way! Please do check out & follow/subscribe/connect to Stoyan’s updates! - LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stoyanyan... - Twitter: https://twitter.com/stoyan_yankov - Book: https://www.performnow.eu/book The Nick Elston Show is available via YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts & most podcast platforms. You can reach out to Nick & his team at www.nickelston.com. In the meantime, please stay tuned for upcoming episodes of The Nick Elston Show by hitting subscribe, show the love by hitting ‘like’ - Nick has more amazing guests coming your way very soon! If you have been affected by any of the themes covered in the show, please go to www.nickelston.com/need-help for trusted organisations & support.