Rick Stevers of Frigid Pink


Jan 28 2021 • 21 mins

Rick Stevers is the drummer and leader of Frijid Pink, which scored a Top 10 hit with its hard rocking version of  “House of the Rising Sun” in the Winter of 1970.

What’s especially interesting about this hit is how close it came to not happening. If the group didn’t have a little extra studio time and if Rick had been dating a different girl, we probably have never heard Frijid Pink’s version.

in this episode of RPM45,  Rick tells this story, and more...

  • How the band got its name.
  • How a little unused studio time led them to record "House of the Rising Sun."
  • How his girlfriend's dad (a Detroit radio exec) helped make it a hit.
  • When Led Zeppelin was their opening act.
  • When they played for President Nixon.
  • The band's breakup and rebirth.
  • The band's new music, including the EP "Hot Pink."
  • And more!

BTW, we had a Zoom problem about halfway through our talk and switched to the phone, which is why rick's audio changes halfway through.