How To Scale A BDR Team To $100 Million In 12-Months

Woodward Strategy Sessions

Apr 12 2021 • 40 mins

I would like to introduce you to our first guest, Tina Hubbard who is the Global Director of Sales Development at Wind River.  In this discussion we’re going to dissect the formula that was used to ramp a BDR team from scratch and scale it to $100 million in pipeline in 12-months.

Wind River believes that some things are so important they simply cannot fail, and they might just be that company that’s everywhere, that you’ve never heard of. In fact, Wind technology can be found in more than 2 billion devices spanning from can’t fail systems in aerospace & defense to autonomous vehicles, industrial systems, network infrastructure and medical devices, even the Mars Rover runs on Wind!

Wind River has been a Woodward Strategies client since the inception of their BDR team in 2019.  I know this will be valuable to many of you listening and we cover the gamut from process, structure, what metrics to pay attention to, mindset, hiring, retention and the complexities of managing a global team.

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