Episode 22 - From My POV w/ Jenna Labiak

From My POV

Apr 29 2022 • 20 mins

Ever thought of a brand idea, using your last name? Growing up in Windsor ON, to moving to Downtown Toronto for school - Jenna Labiak didn’t think she would end up where she is now. As everyone knows, being a university or college student is no joke. With little money to spend, Jenna wound up in Sephora one day looking at their hair products, specifically scrunchies. Upon looking at the prices, she knew she could make these, better. With that, she decided she was going to start making her own scrunchies - buying silks from thrift stores, even buying silk drapes and cutting up the fabric to fit the vision in which she was heading. She started giving them to her friends and getting their feedback and well then the rest, is history. As the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the first “The Scrunchie Labs” turned “The Silk Labs” took off. People just wanted more! Jenna even started “hiring” her own family to help her keep up with the demand and of course now, she’s put the needle down and prefers to enjoy the ride. From literally sewing scrunchies together in her family home, to now an entire SKU line of colors on her website - the Silk Labs are here and they’re here to stay.