Episode 17 - From My POV w/ Lisa Diep

From My POV

Mar 11 2022 • 22 mins

‘Home is ____ ?’ Whether you were born and raised in Toronto or moved to the city at one point or another - odds are, you’ve heard of Toronto’s apparel brand Peace Collective. Their mission - to give back to their community. From CAMH, to food banks, to refugee aid, Peace Collective looks to make a difference, one piece of clothing at a time. Head of Operations - Lisa Diep, came onto the podcast this week to give us the BTS of the brand, how they started, how they’ve grown and where they’re headed. Lisa herself - starting her career in finance, quit her job on Bay Street to move over to PC - knowing she could bring her expertise to the table and help Peace Collective get to the successful brand they are today. From the iconic ‘Home is Toronto’ and ‘Home is Canada’ sweatshirts, to epic collaborations with the MLB, Nickelodeon, Sesame Street and more - Peace Collective is making their mark and Lisa can’t wait to continue on the journey and see what happens next.