Episode 28 - From My POV w/ Erin Ward-Williams

From My POV

Jun 10 2022 • 26 mins

Got that entrepreneurial itch? From residential cleaning to finding love in yoga, Founder of athletic apparel brand ‘AZUR Fit’ -  Erin Ward-Williams has the entrepreneurial eye to make a business success no matter what it may be. Originally starting AZUR with her older sister, their first product was actually tank tops - inspired by the fit fashion influencers in Los Angeles. Now, selling full sweat suits, yoga sets & more… AZUR has bloomed into the business Erin always dreamed of. She refers to her business as a “little gem” that she can “hold in her hand and cherish” and from speaking with Erin you can tell her passion for business and her AZUR community are what she lives for. For AZUR, inclusivity is very important - in all aspects. She wants every woman to be able to see themselves wearing the products and also see that AZUR is bringing function to fashion to the forefront.