Mr. Speaker Speaks

Vincent T. Edwards

Mr. Speaker Speaks is the podcast that informs, challenges, and inspires. Hosted by Vincent T. Edwards, the show features engaging and spirited conversations with a variety of guests that share moments and topics that inspired them. This podcast is real talk from real people about real things. We all need insight, inspiration, and motivation at some point to navigate life and be successful. Vincent T. Edwards “Mr. Speaker” interviews people from all walks of life, backgrounds and professions who provide that by sharing their stories and experiences. Vincent’s unique approach to asking questions compels his guests to share powerful insights and information that if used could potentially be life changing. The show creates an atmosphere where guests are made comfortable and will feel free to share their knowledge, expertise, and especially “The Mess” in their “Message” to help listeners learn so that they may grow and accomplish more. By tuning in you will hear stories of adversity to success, biblical inspiration and solutions to life’s challenges, personal & professional development strategies, and get the 411 on organizations, people, events, ministries and more. Mr. Speaker speaks with industry leaders and game changers that share so that you may “Level Up” and “Excel”. Every Show Is Not For Every One, But There is A Show For You! read less