Perfect Chrysanthemums with Sarah Raven

Growing Cut Flowers

Mar 12 2021 • 39 mins

Mums the word! It’s the season 2 finale and have we ever got a good episode for you!

The flower that has us the most flummoxed is one that seems to have most of you stumped too, the chrysanthemum.

So when we wanted to learn more, who better to call upon but the one and only, Sarah Raven. Not only does Sarah gives us her tips and tricks for growing the perfect "xanths" but she also tells us about growing at her garden Perch Hill and reveals her favourite dahlia and tulip varieties. So if you only listen to one thing this week, make it our season 2 finale.

Sarah's Instagram handles: @sarahravensgarden @sarahravenperchhill

Sarah Raven's website/shop:

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