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The original true crime review podcast that looks at other podcasts, TV, and pop culture. True crime authors and real-life couple Rebecca Lavoie and Kevin Flynn hold a pop-culture round table with noir novelist Toby Ball and journalist-turned-investigator Lara Bricker. The panel chats about other podcasts (including 'Serial') as well as journalism, storytelling, TV shows and films, and the special segment, 'Crime of the Week.'Show website: Follow the show on Twitter @crimewriterson. Find us on Facebook Email the show at by Benjamin Frisch read less

Our Editor's Take

True crime podcasts are among the most popular genres of podcasts available. But podcasts that discuss other true crime podcasts are a bit more rare. The show Crime Writers On...True Crime Review does exactly that. Their podcast about reviewing other true crime podcasts began in 2014. Given all of the true crime shows out there, they won't run out of material any time soon.

The hosts of the Crime Writers On...True Crime Review podcast have a long history in this field. Married couple Kevin Flynn and Rebecca Lavoie are the lead hosts. They wrote four crime thrillers together, including Notes on a Killing and Our Little Secret. They both appear as experts on various true crime shows regularly. Lavoie appeared on Investigation Discovery. Flynn participated in Unusual Suspects, Deadly Sins, and more. There are two more hosts that are regular panel members. Toby Ball wrote three books in the genre of crime noir. He also heads the Crimes Against Children Research Center program in New Hampshire. The final participant brings relatable knowledge, as Lara Bricker is a private investigator. Like the others, she wrote three books. She also won awards for her investigative journalism.

When the podcast Crime Writers On... first started, it was a panel show that discussed Serial. The four met every week to share their opinions and analysis about the latest in the Adnan Syed case. However, as the show progressed, the format diverted. Since the panel's passion was true crime, they decided to talk about anything related to that. So they reviewed Netflix documentaries alongside fictional crime-adjacent dramas. That included anything from True Detective to Killing Eve, NXIVM to Jeffrey Epstein.

For the true crime fanatic, Crime Writers On...True Crime Review is a great source for recommendations. Twice a week, the listeners will get the experts' honest opinions about podcasts and shows. They will get the pros' views on what to add to the watch list and what to avoid at all costs. This podcast may be an informative listen for all those who love true crime.

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