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Our Editor's Take

Rock star wives Daniella Clarke and Barbaranne Wylde host the Honest AF Show podcast. They describe it as a "public service announcement" for women obsessed with beauty as they age. The series reveals stories from their lives. They discuss their thoughts on everything from "manscaping" to movies. Special guests also join, including many of their celebrity friends. This podcast is their way of talking about everything that's taboo for women their age.

These podcast hosts and friends have a lot in common. They are both married to famous rock guitarists. Gilby Clarke played for Guns N' Roses and his own group, Rock Star Supernova. Zakk Wylde played for Ozzy Osbourne and his own band, Black Label Society. Alongside their husband's successes, the two hosts are entrepreneurs in their own rights. Daniella created low-rise jeans as part of her personal Frankie B. jeans brand. Barbaranne is a music executive who owns a successful merchandising company.

Their friend, sex therapist Savannah Fine, joins the show for an episode about relationships. Savannah talks about how her remote approach lets her support couples in their homes. She says that everyone has a "sexy side," and she loves helping people figure out what that means for them. Daniella and Barbaranne ask her about polyamorous relationships. What do porn stars want in the bedroom outside of their work? How does one's body image affect their sex life? Listeners might find that the podcast normalizes conversations about sex for older individuals.

In another podcast episode, Daniella and Barbaranne share their secrets to "Eternal Beauty." Daniella reveals facials that have made her doctor think she's had cosmetic surgery. Barbaranne reveals a treatment she received which made her skin feel tighter. They discuss the placebo effect of procedures and why they don't want to have surgery to appear younger.

The Honest AF Show podcast discusses beauty products, rock star lives, and more. Daniella and Barbaranne speak about almost everything to each other and their listeners. It's fun, entertaining, and informative. New episodes premiere every week.

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