WS983: Marketing Automation for Capital Raising With Megan Lamke

The Real Estate Syndication Show

Jun 30 2021 • 32 mins

Connecting to people is one way to grow your business in multifamily syndication. And one way to do that is through an effective marketing campaign. Nowadays, there is a lot of technology we can tap to automate the way we market our business.

Today, we pick the brain of Megan Lamke, a real estate entrepreneur, impact investor, podcast host, and author. Megan shares how marketing automation for capital raising. She shares specific software they use to help them grow their business. Megan emphasizes the importance of figuring out which is your big differentiator and telling that story to your prospective investors. Megan also talks about how they train and maximize the potential of their Virtual Assistants. Finally, Megan elaborates how they do impact investing by helping non-profit organizations that are helping children in Southeast Asia from human trafficking. This is a fruitful conversation so tune in now!


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