How To Manifest Love

The Language of Love with Dr. Laura Berman

May 30 2022 • 16 mins

Manifesting has been a buzz word for decades now. Many people think they know what it means to manifest and how to go about it, but the truth is that you may be going about it all wrong. On this special “Love Bites” episode of “The Language of Love,” I reveal why many people approach manifesting the wrong way, and how to change it. If you're trying to manifest the love life you desire, you need to stop thinking about what you want and instead start thinking about how you want to feel. Yes, manifesting all comes down to getting aligned with the emotions you want to experience in your love life. Emotions are energy in motion, and the universe is fueled by energy. All of our experiences are created by energy, so if you want to create more passion and romance, you need to get your energy in the right place. But how? Listen to this episode to find out and start manifesting your dream love life now! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit