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Chad Peevy

Chad Peevy is a best-selling author and award-winning speaker on the topic of human behavior. He has worked with of high-performers from around the world, including top-producing real estate professionals, medical professionals, and world-renowned artists - helping them achieve greater clarity, perspective, and overall well-being. With a master’s degree from The University of Texas at Austin, founder of the Austin PRIDE Foundation, founder of the PS Foundation for the Arts, former Director of Marketing for the world’s largest real estate company, and coach to business owners around the globe, he is widely respected by high-achieving professionals the world over. His insights have been recognized by Keller Williams Realty, MAPS Coaching, Brendon Burchard’s High-Performance Mastermind, the National Association of Gay and Lesbian Real Estate Professionals, the Austin-American Statesman, L Style-G Style, the Austin Chronicle, ProductCamp, and Fortune 500 Companies. read less
[INTERVIEW] Living Without Apology with Alyssa Turner and Chad Woodard
Oct 1 2019
[INTERVIEW] Living Without Apology with Alyssa Turner and Chad Woodard
ADULT CONTENT WARNING - not suitable to listen to with young children.  Really honored to have had the opportunity to interview 2 folks who are also members of the High Performance Mastermind. While at a mastermind event in Sundance, Utah, I invited Chad Woodard and Alyssa Turner to sit down for an interview. Enjoy their stories and be sure to check them out online at... Alyssa Turner on Instagram Mom of Five Motivational Speaker Personal Coach People Lover Chad Woodard on Instagram Dr. Chad Woodard: Flirting with death has a way of changing someone — it certainly did me. In 1998 I found myself on the wrong end of a pistol, which I later learned was part of a gang initiation – a young man was to approach a stranger at a gas station, steal their car, and before driving away shoot them in the chest at close range. He failed that day. I was given the best gift money could not buy, perspective. My eyes were violently opened, and what I saw to be true of my life was a demon I wrestled with for the next 18 years. What lies herein with this concept and movement is what I have been taught, what I have failed with, what successes I have fought to achieve, and the journey that is yet to unfold. I now live an unapologetic life seeking answers to questions, the questions I find most influential and intriguing: What does it take to be a truly healthy person, inclusive of all aspects of wellness? What skills and behaviors create leaders that are not only inspirational but infectiously and meticulously worthy of taking their charge among others? What aspects of human potential do we have the capacity to unlock, and why do so many of us hide behind fear to blunt that potential? And if we can explore answers to those questions and learn from our journey, what then is possible for us to achieve?