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Susan McGinty: Changing the status quo for women as leaders
Jul 30 2023
Susan McGinty: Changing the status quo for women as leaders
Scientist, author and leadership expert, Susan McGinty, brings together neuroscience and leadership development principles to transform what it means to be an effective leader. With a focus on STEM and national security environments, Susan is on a mission to upend the under-representation of women at leadership levels and break down the barriers to leadership that exist.   Susan draws on her own professional journey to share the highs and lows of transitioning from a technical expert to a leader, and explains why gender diversity creates competitive advantage. We discuss her best-selling book Women Transforming the Landscape of Science and Tech, the neuroscience behind decision making styles, her vision for the future of leadership in Australia, and why gender parity in the board room matters.   Susan is Founder of Aya Leadership, a Canberra-based women’s leadership development and executive coaching business. She has PhD in Chemistry and over 20 years of technical and leadership experience in Defence, National Security and STEM. Susan has been selected as a finalist in the 2023 Women in STEM Leadership 'Leader of the Year' Award and was named in 2021 as one of Australia's top 20 leadership experts by the Australian Business Journal.   Find out more:  Linked In - Susan McGinty Aya Leadership - Coaching for Female Leaders at All Levels https://ayaleadership.com/program-overview/ https://ayaleadership.com/emerging-leaders/