Roe v. Wade to be Aborted: Interview with CA Congressional candidate Jim Shoemaker

The Right Take

May 9 2022 • 1 hr 29 mins

In this episode, we're joined by special guest Jim Shoemaker. Mr. Shoemaker is a Republican candidate for California's 9th Congressional district (Stockton). We center the discussion around this episode's main topic of abortion and the recent leak that Roe v. Wade is set to be overturned. We also discuss the California water crisis, national security, the fed, hard money, and trade.

00:00 Intro

03:58 Indiana and Ohio primary recap

11:25 Main Topic: Roe to be aborted

57:02 Interview with CA Congressional candidate Jim Shoemaker

01:02:00 Shoemaker on Roe v Wade and abortion

01:03:55 Shoemaker on water crisis in California

01:11:44 Shoemaker on national security issues

01:15:00 Shoemaker on trade, the federal reserve, and currency

01:20:22 Discussion of CA (09) congressional race and candidates


The Politico story that broke the Supreme Court’s draft decision on Roe v. Wade:

Whoopi Goldberg claims an abortion is a choice involving “myself, my doctor, and my child:”

Whoopi claims that people in the pre-Roe age had to step over bodies of women on bathroom floors performing illegal abortions:

Elizabeth Warren has a meltdown at the Supreme Court:

An absolute madlad trolls a pro-abortion harpie in front of the Supreme Court:

Jim Shoemaker’s campaign website (California’s 9th district):